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Sean Wilkins is a marketer, designer, operator and proactive problem solver with over 15 years experience working with a variety of startups and enterprises across multiple verticals including, technology, retail, eCommerce, telco, financial services and media.  

As the VP of Strategy and Analytics for Zeta Global, Sean leads a strategic solutions team focused on helping clients solve branding, positioning, audience acquisition, omnichannel sales and marketing, growth, lifecycle marketing, data and analytics and infrastructure and operations. 

Before joining Zeta Global, Sean led multiple business development, strategy and account teams for a variety of boutique consulting and agency groups in New York and San Francisco. His brand experiences includes HP, Sony, AT&T, Sprint, Warner Brothers, Fox, Anderson Cooper, Martha Stewart, Grouper Social Club, Lowe's and a variety of other enterprises and venture backed startups. 


Marketer and Operator

Sean Wilkins

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